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Fast wound healing is key to preventing abnormal scar formation

Medical indication

After medical procedures, the main focus for clinicians is to achieve rapid epithelialization of the skin. Achieving fast wound healing is not only a key to preventing or minimizing abnormal scar formation, but also to preventing infections.

Stratamed is indicated for the most common types of medical procedures:

Surgical procedures

All forms of minor or major medical surgery i.e. incisions, excisions, biopsies, Mohs surgery, Caesarean section etc.

Electrodesiccation and curettage (ED & C’s)

Medical procedure for the treatment of skin defects as well as pre-cancers and pre-cancerous lesions.

Damaged skin barrier caused by trauma

Acute physical injuries which require immediate medical attention such as abrasions, bites, punctures, lacerations, tears, etc.

2nd degree burns

Superficial burns affecting the epidermis and papillary layer of the dermis; or deep burns involving the epidermis and extending to the reticular layer of the dermis.

Chronic wounds and healing by secondary intention

The normal healing process in chronic wounds is disrupted. Secondary intention healing often has a high risk of infection.


Dermabrasion, or surgical skin planning, is a mechanical treatment designed to remove the superficial skin layers.